Family Medicine Residency Program

Specialized Tracks

The Lourdes Family Medicine Residency Program offers several tracks to prepare residents for specific interests within the scope of family medicine. Residents can work with their faculty advisor in deciding to complete one if they have a special interest. Currently the following tracks are offered:

Women’s Health: Spend extra time learning obstetrical procedures experience more deliveries. Outpatient gynecology is also emphasized. This track will prepare those interested in applying for a women’s health fellowship following residency.

Requirements:4 electives in Women’s Health + 10 continuity patient deliveries.

Hospitalist Medicine: Work closely with the hospitalist team and gain more experience in the Intensive Care Unit with intensivists. Procedures such as central venous catheter insertions will be highlighted to prepare residents who may want to work in the hospitalist field after their residency.

Requirements: 2 electives in Inpatient Medicine + 1 elective in ICU + 1 elective in Internal Medicine subspecialty + 10 central venous catheter insertion procedures

Urgent Care Medicine: Some residents find treating patients in acute visits and shift work more appealing in a career. These residents should consider extra experience working with attending physicians at urgent care sites.

Requirements: 2electives in Urgent Care + 2 electives in “Fast Track” Emergency Medicine

Osteopathic-Focused Medicine:Residents with previous structured training in Osteopathic Principles and Practice can participate in this track with Osteopathic-focused training. All Residents planning on taking the AOBFP examination are required to complete this track.

Requirements: Attendance at 90% of Osteopathic Workshops, Didactics, and Board Review Sessions + Credentialing in inpatient OMM + Participation in 2 OMT clinics

Rural Medicine:Being a physician in a rural setting has many rewards. Patients rely on their family physician for a large part of their medical care. Extra training in procedures is emphasized in this track.

Requirements: 2 electives at a rural based outpatient clinic + 1 elective “Fast Track” Emergency Medicine + 1 elective Women’s Health

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