Primary Care

Whitney Point Family Practice

2660 Main Street
Whitney Point, NY

Telephone: 607-692-3600

Schedule An Appointment

Hours of Operation: 
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Monday through Friday
Appointments are required.

 An on-call physician may be reached. By calling the office telephone number, you will be directed to the physician on call.

In Case of Emergency: 
Go to the nearest hospital emergency department if you have chest pains, difficulty breathing, serious injury or bleeding, severe pain, or are pregnant and experiencing contractions.

Our office offers services in pediatric and adult health care.  Our practice is accepting new patients.  Same day sick calls are available for established patients.

Lab Services

Laboratory services are available Monday – Thursday from 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM. Lab services are available by appointment only.

Prescription Refills

All refills must be requested 3 business days in advance. Refills will be called in to the pharmacy late in the afternoon. To get your prescription more quickly, in most cases, you can request your renewal through your pharmacist. You can also request a prescription renewal through your Primary Care Patient Portal. Don't have a Portal? Talk to your healthcare provider today about signing up.

Try not to let your medications run out. Please notify us at your office visit if your prescriptions are due to be refilled


  1. Insurance cards must be presented at the time of visit.
  2. Co-payments are expected at the time of visit.
  3. All insurance companies require us to verify all identifying information at the time you present for each visit to prevent errors that might result in a rejection of payment by your insurer.
  4. Information about financial assistance is available by calling 607-798-5506 or 607-798-5229.

Our Providers

LOURDES Hospital | 169 Riverside Drive • Binghamton, NY 13905 | Phone: 607-798-5111 / Directory | Email: