Patient Guide

Dining At Lourdes

Guest Meal Trays

The Lourdes Food and Nutrition Department is happy to offer guests of our patients the convenience of in-room Guest Meal Trays.

Guest Meal Trays are pre-paid by the guest then delivered to a patient's room so that guests can share meal times with their loved one without ever leaving their loved one's side.

If you know you will be staying in the hospital with your loved one for a good portion of the day, you can order Guest Meal Trays for the entire day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Guest Meal Trays are available for $5 each and must be pre-purchased in the cafeteria before in-room meals are delivered to the patient. 

Once you have purchased your Guest Meal Tray, Catering Associates will take your food order when they come to your loved one's room to take his/her food order before meal time. Your meal will be delivered to your loved one's room when his/her meal is delivered.

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