Patient Guide

Dining At Lourdes

Dining Options for Patients with Religious or Cultural Needs

Cynthia Cave-Gaetani, Registered Dietician, and Chef Greg Borosky, both from Lourdes Food and Nutrition Service (Touchpoint) share the role their department plays in meeting the dietary needs of diverse patients at Lourdes:

For our Jewish patients requiring Kosher foods, high quality, pre-packaged Kosher meals are provided; Lourdes does not have a Kosher kitchen on site. This same food also meets the Islamic dietary guidelines of Muslim patients who require Halal food. Muslim patients who are fasting for religious holidays are given after-hours supplies of food on the nursing units so they can eat after sundown and before sunrise.

Catering Associates visit patients and do personal orders and to determine food preference and dietary needs. Patients always has the choice of accepting or rejecting a food choice.

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