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Help for the Uninsured and Underinsured

In accordance with our Mission and Values, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc. is committed to caring for all people regardless of their ability to pay, with special attention to those who are poor and vulnerable. Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc. offers financial counseling and assistance to help address any financial concerns patients or families may have regarding their care. Our financial aid policies, which can be found here on our website or by visiting our Patient Financial Assistance office, located on the ground floor of Lourdes Hospital reflect Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Inc.'s dedication to working together with our patients in a compassionate and caring manner to identify options for resolving their financial obligations. Help is available by contacting the Financial Assistance office at 607-584-5522, by emailing, or in person at any of our facilities.

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Cancer Services Program of Broome, Chenango and Tioga Counties

Offers early detection and screening services; pap smears, screening mammograms (women), colorectal screens, diabetes information (men & women), tobacco-free living information, as well as Healthy Heart information.

CALL: Broome County Health Dept. 1-877-276-1019 
CALL: Tioga Opportunities (Family Health Services) 607-687-5333 or Tioga County Health Dept. 607-687-8600 
:Delaware County Health Dept. 607-746-3166. 
CALL: Delaware County Cornell Coop. Extension 607-865-6531

Child Health Plus B

Health insurance for all children up to the age of 19 years who live in New York State. The following HMO Plans participate in the Child Health Plus Program;

In Broome County: CDPHP 1-800-454-3840, Fidelis 1-888-343-3547, BC/BS Central NY 1-800-282-0068. 
In Tioga County: CDPHP 1-800-454-3840, BC/BS Central NY 1-800-282-0068.
In Delaware County: BC/BS Utica Watertown 1-800-756-3656, CDPHP 1-800-454-3840 OR

CALL: Mothers & Babies Perinatal Services of SCNY, Inc. 1-800-231-0744 servicing the Broome, Tioga & Delaware county area for facilitated enrollment.

Family Health Plus

Health insurance available to single adults (19-64yrs.), couples without children, and parents/guardian with at least one child under 21. Available if applicant does not currently have health insurance. Income eligibility requirements do apply.

CALL: Mothers & Babies Perinatal Services of SCNY, Inc. at 1-800-231-0744 servicing the Broome, Tioga, & Delaware county area for facilitated enrollment.

Healthy New York

Offers health insurance for an individual who is employed full-time, part-time, or temporary up to age 64 years. Health insurance cost is based on monthly premiums for individual, two parent & child(ren), or family plan selected. Premiums are paid to HMO plan that offers coverage in the county where you live.

CALL: Healthy NY toll-free hotline 1-866-432-5849 (or visit the Web site at

Renew Health

Renew Health is a unique health care access program for uninsured people in rural Broome and Tioga counties with diabetes, asthma, cardiovascular disease or a chronic lung disease.   Renew Health will help you pay for primary care doctor visits and transportation, afford medication, provide referrals for services and teach you the skills needed to manage your own health. A course on living a healthier life is FREE with Renew Health participation. 

CALL:   Rural Health Network of South Central New York at 607-692-7669 or 1-888-603-5973
E-MAIL: (or visit the web site at 



Health insurance for households of all ages if you meet certain income, resource, and/or disability requirements. Pregnant women, and children may apply at clinics, hospitals, and PCAP offices.

CALL: Broome County Dept. of Social Services 607-778-2604, or Medicaid Managed Care 607-778-2669 
CALL: Tioga County Health Dept. 607-687-8600 
CALL: Delaware County Dept. Social Services. 607-746-2325

Child Health Plus A

Health insurance program for all children up to the age of 19 years who live in New York State. Income eligibility requirements do apply.

In Broome County: CALL: Mothers & Babies Perinatal Services of SCNY, Inc. at 1-800-231-0744. Broome County Dept. of Social Services 607-778-2604. 
In Tioga County: CALL: Tioga County Public Health 607-687-8600. or CALL: Mothers & Babies Perinatal Servcies of SCNY, Inc. at 1-800-231-0744. 
In Delaware County: CALL: Delaware Opportunities 607-746-2165 or Mothers & Babies Perinatal Services of SCNY, Inc. at 1-800-231-0744.

Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP)

Prenatal care program for pregnant women and their children. Hospital care during pregnancy and delivery for the mother. Free health care for the unborn infant up to one year of age.

CALL: Lourdes Hospital PCAP, 607-798-8058, 
CALL: United Health Services Hospital PCAP, 607-763-5142 
CALL: Delaware County PCAP 
CALL: Chenango County PCAP, 607-336-8269
CALL: Family Health Ctr. Bldg. 607-865-2426, Hancock Health Ctr. 607-637-4715, Colchester Health Ctr. 607-363-2517, The Hospital (Sidney) 607-561-2022, or Fox Hospital 607-432-2426 
CALL: Tioga County PCAP, Tioga County Health Dept, 607-687-8600, or MOMS program at Guthrie Clinics in Sayre 570-882-2555 or Owego 607-687-6101.

Medicare Savings Program

State Medicaid programs that pay some or all of the Medicare premiums, and some deductibles and coinsurance for individuals who have Medicare coverage.

CALL: Broome County DSS, 607-778-2599. 
CALL: Tioga County DSS, 607-687-8300. 
CALL: Delaware County DSS, 607-746-2325.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

A supplemental food program designed to improve the nutrition and health of women, infants, and children. Program available to pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under age 5. Eligibility determined by income and family size.

CALL: Broome County WIC Office, 607-778-2881 
CALL: Tioga County WIC Office, 607-687-3147 
CALL: Delaware County WIC Office, 607-746-2165

Community Free Clinic for Uninsured Adults

A local, free clinic staffed by volunteer physicians and other health professionals providing basic primary health care services, physical exams, and short-term treatment of non-emergency conditions for adults with no insurance. The clinic is located at the Broome County Health Department, and is open Monday & Thursday evenings from 5:00p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

CALL: Upstate Medical Clinical Campus, 607-772-3519

Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

Community-based nutrition education program offering classes by request for individuals and groups. Learn to prepare easy, nutritious, low-cost food for the family, stretch your food dollars and resources, grow healthy children, and assess your home environment. Youth groups & discovery pack programs available.

CALL: Cornell Coop. Extension Broome County (EFNEP & FSNEP, EatSmart NY) 607-772-8953 
CALL: Cornell Coop. Extension Tioga County (FSNEP- Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program) 607- 687-4020 
CALL: Cornell Coop. Extension Delaware County 607-865-6531


Area hospitals have programs to help people who are uninsured/underinsured to pay for care. The patient needs to ask about the Patient Financial Assistance Programs before care/services are rendered. Most programs have an income eligibility requirement. These programs help patients avoid having bills go to collection. These programs offer people reduced or adjusted bills, or payment arrangements may be scheduled over time on an individual basis. Hospital Patient Financial Assistance Programs all vary slightly, so it's important to call the appropriate office at the hospital of your choice.

Lourdes Patient Financial Assistance Program

Lourdes Patient Financial Assistance, 607-584-5522

United Health Services (UHS)

Financial Assistance (Patient Financial Advocates) 
Binghamton General Hospital (BGH), 607-762-3300 
Wilson Memorial Hospital (WMH), 607-763-5423

Delaware Valley Hospital - UHS

Delaware Valley Hospital 
Admitting/Collection Clerk, 607-865-2100

The Sidney Hospital

Financial Counselor, 607-561-5200

Robert Packer Hospital

Patient Accounting, 570-882-4898

Guthrie Clinic, LTD.

Guthrie Clinic LTD, 1-800-836-9990 or 570-882-2600

This information has been made available through Community Access Program funds, and was developed by the Health Care Access Work Group of the Family Health Link Project. FHL is a project of the Rural Health Network of South Central New York.

For copies of this material, please call the Rural Health Network of SCNY at 1-888-603-5973.

Updated: June 2005

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