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Men's Health: Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer: Depression Risk?

Hormone therapy is a common treatment for prostate cancer. But a new study found that older men who get this therapy may be more likely to develop depression.

Cancer Awareness: Fewer People Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in U.S.

The number of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer has fallen recently. That good news could be because of better ways to diagnose these cancers, researchers say.

For Your Child: Teen Girls Outdo Boys in Drinking, Study Says

Teen girls are beating teen boys in one sobering way: They now start drinking alcohol sooner than boys do.

Focus on Health: Be Smart About Antibiotics

When you have a pesky sore throat or a lingering cold, you may look for a quick fix. Antibiotics may seem like a good choice. But for many such common illnesses, they won’t help.

Chronic Condition News: Knee Arthritis Not Helped by Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for good bone health. But it doesn’t help relieve pain or slow down osteoarthritis of the knee, a recent study says.

Women's Health: Anxiety and Heart Disease: Women Take Note

Women with an anxiety disorder may have symptoms that mask heart disease.

Heart Care: Caffeine and Heart Rhythm: Moderation May Be OK

Having that morning cup of coffee probably won’t trigger heart rhythm problems, a new study says. That goes for tea and chocolate, as well.

Focus on Health: Carrots—and More—for Healthy Eyes

Here’s a possible eye-opener: Carrots aren’t the only sight-saving veggies. In fact, many foods can give you the nutrients you need to keep your eyes healthy.

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