Bereavement Support Group Series

Lourdes Hospice Bereavement Program offers free adult support groups and individual sessions for men and women throughout the year at our Vestal office.  Our groups and individual sessions are available to anyone who has lost a loved one, not just a loss through Lourdes Hospice. 
  • Enrollment is Necessary for the Support Groups!!!
  • Once a support group has begun, no new members may join, but you may sign up to start the next group. When you sign up, plan on attending all eight weeks.
  • Please fill out the attached enrollment form and mail to: Lourdes Hospice, 4102 Old Vestal Rd. Vestal, N.Y. 13850. Attn: Bereavement Team.
  • For the benefit of each group participant, family members may not attend the group together.
  • All groups and individual sessions are held at our Vestal office at 4102 Old Vestal Road, Vestal, N.Y. 13850.

We offer one to three individual bereavement sessions per individual or family, by appointment only.  Please contact The Bereavement Team with any questions at  607-798-5692.

** No group on holidays & days of weather-related school closings**


What can I expect from a Hospice Bereavement Support Group?

Many bereaved ask the question “What will I gain from a support group?”  Lourdes Hospice Bereavement support groups allow people a safe place in which they may express the grief that they are experiencing due to the loss of their loved one. A support group is a safe place in which to express these feelings, as often times many of the group members have had similar feelings and can therefore relate. Many bereaved report that their family and friends tire of listening to them tell the same stories of their loved ones over and over again.  We welcome and encourage these stories at support groups. Members are given an educational handout related to grief, and are given homework assignments that may help them with their grieving process. The hospice bereavement support groups are facilitated by Hospice Social Work or Hospice Spiritual Care. The most important thing about a bereavement support group is that you are with other people who are going through a similar experience as you, and therefore understand some of how you are feeling. 

Dates & Times

No dates currently scheduled for this event.


Lourdes Hospice, 4102 Old Vestal Road, Vestal, NY

For More Information

Please call (607)798-5692. to register.

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