Nursing Opportunities

Nursing Testimonials

Mary Ellen, Employee Health"Hospitals are in the business of caring for people and at Lourdes that includes their employees.  One of the top priorities at Lourdes is the safety and well being of their healthcare staff, as well as their patients.  With a strong commitment to safe, quality and compassionate care, I am extremely proud to say I work at Lourdes Hospital."

Mary Ellen W., RN, Occupational Health (Employee Health)
Proud to be a Lourdes employee since 1969

Gail O, Home Care"After working in the nursing field for almost 30 years, I have found a place where I can draw on my previous experience and knowledge, and feel appreciated for what I can bring to work. I love my job, patients and co-workers. We really work as a team here."

Gail O., RN, Home Care
Proud to be a Lourdes employee since 2005

Linda T"What I love about nursing is definitely the interaction with my patients and their families and working with the other disciplines to give the best care. That and sometimes it's just taking the time to listen to what they have to say and paying attention to the details; knowing that I can make a difference gives me a great feeling inside."

Linda T., RN-BC

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