Nursing Opportunities

Benefits for Registered Nurses

  • Variety of Clinical Areas, Including Specialty Areas
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Competitive Wages
  • Continuing Education Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Orientation
  • Guaranteed Preceptorship
  • Support for Advancing Education
  • Leadership Opportunities

Nursing Orientation


Lourdes offers the most comprehensive nursing orientation program in the area and graduate nurses at Lourdes begin their professional career in a supportive and caring environment. Starting with two weeks of classroom instruction, all nurses embark on their professional experience with a clear understanding of our approach to relationship-based patient care. Presentations are given by experts on evidence-based practice, research, documentation, computerized systems, IV therapy, response to codes, diversity, safety and other topics that will benefit nurses in the clinical care setting.


Graduate Nurse Internship Program

In addition to receiving the information provided to all nurses during the two weeks of general nursing orientation, our team of highly-qualified, clinically experienced educators provides in-depth learning opportunities to insure new graduates have the resources they need to transition from student to novice nurse. Opportunities are provided for the graduate nurse to spend time with many expert professionals, including wound care specialists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, phlebotomists, GI Lab nurses, Ambulatory Surgery nurses and case managers. This internship lasts two to three weeks.

During their internship, new nurses meet weekly with the Internship Coordinators, Nurse Recruiter and nursing leaders to discuss experiences, successes and opportunities for improvement in the internship program.

Unit-Specific Orientation

As they start in their new clinical setting, all nurses benefit from an individualized unit-specific orientation of four to six weeks. An experienced nurse from the clinical area will be the new nurse's clinical coach (preceptor). Clinical Coaches have received special training for their role and are committed to providing continuous learning experiences, assuring new graduates have the opportunity to work closely with them to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible prior to functioning independently. This orientation will be in the form of activities or classes tailored to the individual nurse's needs, and will cover a variety of unit-specific skills which include working with other members of the healthcare team.

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