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Hear what our employees have to say about working at Lourdes....Linda Hebbard

I feel as though I am part of a big family. So many close friendships have been formed, and I have found that my extended family will stick by me through good times and bad. The respect shown to staff and patients throughout Lourdes is overwhelming. Lourdes is a great place to work, full off dedicated and caring professionals, and I am very proud to be part of the Lourdes team.
Linda Hebbard
Microbiology - 17 Years of Service

Judy WrightLourdes Hospital is a special place. Many of my patients have commented that there is something unique and special at Lourdes.
Judy Wright
Ultrasound Department - 10 Years of Service


What I have found here at Lourdes Hospital is... a friendly pleasant place to work. Where working as a team is necesary we are also encouraged to express our individuality and ideas are always welcomed with enthusiasm. Becoming part of the Lourdes Hospital team has been a rewarding experience. The people I work with have become friends, almost like an extended family.
Doris Keiser
Food & Nutition - 6 Years of Service

Michele Bennett...I have experienced help, support, encouragement, optimism and enthusiasm from the efforts of my co-workers helping to familiarize and train me in my current position. My decision to become a Lourdes employee is a positive experience both professionally and personally.
Michele Bennett
Laboratory - 1 Year of Service

I love Lourdes! There is a "feeling" when you walk into the door of Lourdes that is difficult to describe. I have worked other places and never had this "feeling". One of my most treasured moments will be when I welcome my daughter, not only to my profession, but to my hospital.
Lou Ann Taylor
Operating Room -

Jodi TaylorAs long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a nurse, and I've always dreamed of working at Lourdes. My mother works there - listening to her describe Lourdes' caring atmosphere and the people she has met in her years as a nurse make it sound like a home coming. Lourdes is a home I look forward to embracing.
Jodi Taylor

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