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Submit a Prayer Intention for a friend or loved one. It's free and only takes a few seconds. Prayer intentions are entered into the Chapel prayer book, located just inside the chapel doors. Your intention will be remembered in our daily prayers and at Mass in the Chapel on weekdays at 11:30AM.

Prayer Intention Form

Your Information

Your Prayer Intention

Enter your Prayer Intention below. Prayer Intentions should be of a general nature and sensitive to each person’s need for confidentiality and privacy. You can respect the privacy of those for whom you are requesting prayer by not submitting personally identifiable information.

Example: Pray for Aunt Mary who is going through a hard time and has a wound on her right leg that is not healing properly.

Optional Notification

If your Prayer Intention is for a friend or loved one staying at Lourdes, we can let them know that an intention has been submitted for them. Please fill out the information below and a greeting card will be delivered to their room.

If you don't know the patient's room number, please call Patient Information at (607) 798-5269.

Patient's Email Address (Optional)

Please Note: If the patient has been discharged they will not receive the Prayer Request notification in the hospital. You CAN include their home e-mail address and they will receive a copy of the Prayer Request.