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Paramedic Education

The Paramedic Program is a cooperative effort between Lourdes, United Health Services, and Broome Community College (BCC), which also has access to the expertise and resources of other area hospitals and EMS agencies.

The program includes 336 hours, 233 lab hours, 251 clinical hours, 260 internship hours, and 120 internship evaluation hours.

Students earn a minimum of 36 college credit hours through Broome Community College.

Clinical rotations allows students to develop confidence dealing with patients and perform skills in a controlled environment.

The field internship will allow the student to integrate knowledge from the classroom with hands-on skills developed in the clinical rotations and apply them to field practice under the supervision of a paramedic preceptor.

Successful course completion allows students to:

  • Become eligible for certification as a Paramedic in New York State;
  • Become eligible to complete AAS Paramedicine through Broome Community College.

Our 2001 Paramedic class will include a daytime and/or evening class subject to enrollment. The Paramedic Program, slated to begin August 2000, follows the 1999 NYS Paramedic curriculum. Note that the Paramedic schedule does not follow the BCC Holiday schedule.


Prior to admission into the Paramedic Program, the student must:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  3. Be currently certified as a basic EMT in New York State. **Card must remain current throughout the entire Paramedic Program.
  4. Have a minimum of one year EMS experience practicing as an EMT in the field or equivalent experience.
  5. Pre-screening evaluation will be required. This may include a written, oral, or practical skill evaluation/examination.
  6. Complete an interview with the Program Coordinator and Medical Director.
  7. Apply and be admitted to Broome Community College.
  8. Submit your high school and/or college transcripts to B.C.

If you meet the program's prerequisites, call the Southern Tier Paramedic Program at 607-778-5387 to request an application.

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