Birth Certificates

You need to complete the Birth Certificate Workbook as instructed by your nurse or the unit secretary.  Your baby's birth cannot be processed with the Birth Registry unless the workbook is complete.  If you have questions, call your nurse or talk with the unit secretary.

Babies DO Come With Instructions

Your nurse will talk with you about any questions you have and review our discharge instructions. Ask as many questions as you want.  We are here to help you become more comfortable in your new role as parents.  Look at our discharge instruction booklet: "Babies Do Come with Instructions."  This is a useful reference for home, too!  For questions when you get home, call 607-798-5519 anytime of the day or night. We are always here for you!

Newborn Screening and HIV Testing

New York State requires that all newborns are to be tested for HIV.  The routine newborn screening of the baby's blood includes this test.  While you are here, one of our HIV counselors will talk with you regarding the questions you may have about this test.  Before your baby is discharged, we take the blood specimen, usually during the night shift.  If you go home before the baby is 24 hours old, you will need to bring the baby back here to be tested again.  Talk with your nurse.

Baby Picture for "Our Babies" Web site

We are happy to offer our new families the opportunity to have their baby's picture added to the Lourdes Web site so family and friends near and far can see your bundle of joy!  If you are interested in this option, speak with your nurse or personal care assistant.  In order to ensure the family's safety, we won't add the baby's picture to the site until the family is discharged from the hospital.

Car Seats

Don't forget a car seat!  New York State requires that an infant be in a car set when riding in a moving vehicle.  All car seats are different.  Read the directions and practice using the car seat before you take your baby home.  Remember- You are carrying precious cargo.

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