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Breastfeeding Support

Laura Walker, RNC, IBCLC, is our certified Lactation Consultant.More and more mothers are breastfeeding their newborns.  We offer Lactation Services to support and guide you as you and your baby learn this new skill.  Here at Lourdes, we are proud to provide an environment that supports your desire to breastfeed your baby.  Our Lactation Consultant works closely with the nursing staff so that no matter what time of the day or night your baby is born, you will receive the best we have to offer in breastfeeding care.  She also works closely with your OB and Pediatric Healthcare provider should any special circumstances present for you or your baby.

Laura Walker, RNC, IBCLC, and Barbara E. Balaci, MS,RN,IBCLC, our certified Lactation Consultants, along with the Women’s and Children’s Staff, will help you in your efforts to breastfeed your baby.

We offer:

  • Prenatal breastfeeding class.
  • Prenatal breast assessment.
  • Prenatal counseling and support.
  • In-hospital counseling, support, and hands on assistance.
  • Outpatient visits after discharge.
  • Telephone counseling.
  • Breast pump information, rental, and sales.

The following are common breastfeeding questions and concerns that we would be happy to address:

  • Why should I breastfeed my baby?
  • How long should I breastfeed my baby?
  • When is the best time to start breastfeeding my baby?
  • How do I know my baby is getting enough to eat?
  • How long should my baby breastfeed at a feeding?
  • Should breastfeeding be painful?
  • What can I do about sore nipples?
  • Should my baby have a supplement?
  • When can I start pumping?
  • Where can I rent or buy a breast pump?

Before you leave the hospital, you will be able to:

  • Understand how your body makes milk.
  • Hand express colostrum from your breast.
  • Know your baby's hunger cues.
  • Position your baby on each breast and know two different positions.
  • Know how to tell if your baby is latched on to your breast properly.
  • Hear your baby swallowing during feedings.
  • Know how to prevent sore nipples or promote healing if they are sore.
  • Know how many times in 24 hours your baby needs to eat.
  • Know how many wet diapers and bowel movements your baby will have in 24 hours by day three.
  • Know what to do if your breasts become engorged.

Laura Walker, RNC, IBCLC and Barbara E. Balaci, MS,RN,IBCLC can be contacted by calling 607-798-5519. 

Information On Breast Pumps

"Expressly for Moms"
The Breast Pump Rental Station at Lourdes

(The Breast Pump Rental Station NOW ACCEPTS Visa and Mastercard.)

  • A Lactation Consultant will visit you while you are in the hospital to answer all breastfeeding questions.
  • A "Warm Line" for questions that arise after discharge.
  • Prenatal visits are welcome.
  • A variety of breast pumps and accessories such as nursing bras, storage bags, and special devices for feeding difficulties. These include the Medela Spring Express Manual Pump and Mini-Electric Pump, which runs on batteries or AC adapter, and the Medela Pump in Style. The Lactina is a rental unit designed for the mother who is separated from her baby due to lengthy hospitalization or illness. The Ameda Egnell Purely Yours pump is also now available. Special orders are welcome.

The Lactation Consultant will demonstrate the use of any pump purchased as well as answer any questions you may have about breastfeeding.

Our goal is to give you the tools necessary to make you confident in your ability to care for and breastfeed your new baby.

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