Broome Urology at Lourdes


Main Lobby 1st Floor, 169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 607-729-7666 Fax:  607-729-7667

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM - Monday - Friday.  Appointments are required.


We have a 24 hour answering service. If you are an established patient and have a urological emergency, please call our office at 607-729-7666 to speak with the on-call physician or go directly to our Emergency Department.

Convenient Location

Our office is conveniently located on the top floor of the Ambulatory Care Center. We are able to perform several outpatient procedures such as urodynamic testing, cystoscopies, minor bladder biopsies, prostate biopsies, and other minor procedures in the safe, private and comfortable setting of our office. 

For easy access to our office, park in the parking garage or Lot G to the right when you enter the campus via the West Drive. Enter the main entrance then take the elevator to the top floor.

In Case of Emergency

If you believe you are having a medical emergency (e.g., uncontrolled bleeding, difficulty breathing, chest pain, etc.), we advise you to call 911 or your local emergency services provider.

Your First Appointment

Please note that our office does not provide primary care. Patients must be referred to our office for evaluation by their own primary care provider or by one of the local hospital emergency departments.

Prior to the scheduling of any appointment, your medical records must be received and reviewed by our office as they are important and essential in the proper evaluation of any urological problem.


Please arrive at your appointment on time. We respectfully request you be present in our waiting room 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This will allow you to complete any required paperwork. To further save you time, you may print and complete our patient visit forms prior to your arrival at our office.

We will request a urine sample from you at each visit. Please do not empty your bladder prior to your appointment.

Missed Appointments

Your appointment is important. If you cannot make your appointment, please call our office at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule of your appointment.


  1. Insurance cards must be presented at the time of visit.
  2. Co-payments are expected at the time of visit.
  3. All insurance companies require us to verify all identifying information when you present for each visit to prevent errors that might result in a rejection of payment by your insurer.
  4. Please bring a list of all medications you are taking to each visit. This list should include prescriptions, over the counter medicine, vitamins, supplements, and herbal or homeopathic remedies.
  5. Please be sure to bring order forms and/or any referrals.
  6. Information about financial assistance is available by calling 607-798-5506 or 607-798-5229.



  • Kidney
  • Testicular
  • Ureters
  • Bladder

Female Urology

  • Bladder Infections
  • Incontinence
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Blood in the Urine (Hematuria)

Male Urology

  • Prostate
  • BPH (trouble urinating due to an enlarged prostate)
  • Prostate cancer
  • Infertility
  • Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Blood in the Urine (Hematuria)


  • Stones
  • Cysts
  • Tumors
  • Cancer

Common Procedures

Our Providers

Our physicians are all board certified in urology, they are trained in the latest urology services including davinci robotic surgery. Our Nurse Practitioner is also board certified and a SUNA member.

Jennifer Hill, MD

Jennifer Hill, MD
Telephone: 607-729-7666

Richard Knight, MD

Richard Knight, MD
Telephone: 607-729-7666

Jasna Muhovic, FNP-C

Jasna Muhovic, FNP-C
Telephone: 607-729-7666

Lori B. Smith, RPA

Lori B. Smith, RPA
Telephone: 607-729-7666

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