Sinusitis is one of the most common health conditions in the United States, with 37 million people suffering from sinus-related conditions every year. Over 13 million people a year visit their physicians for chronic sinusitis, which can be a result of anatomical variations, infections, or other factors. Depending on the cause of the condition, medical treatment may resolve the problem, but surgery is sometimes required.

Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Image Guided Sinus Surgery Computer Image A revolutionary improvement in sinus surgery is computer image-guided sinus surgery.  Image Guided surgery is like a GPS system for the surgeon.  With this technology, the position of the surgical instruments are superimposed onto images of your anatomy and displayed onto a monitor. The system uses a special computer that displays three-dimensional images of the patient's anatomy and the surgeon's instruments in "real time" while the ENT surgery is being performed.  This gives the surgeon the confidence of knowing just where he is.  Since each person's sinus anatomy has unique variations, surgeons need the best possible information during surgery to help guide their surgical instruments inside the nasal cavities. 

This minimally invasive surgery now allows surgeons at LOURDES to more precisely perform sinus surgery.  This degree of accuracy protects delicate sinus areas, avoids complications and allows for rapid recovery.  Most patients return home a few hours after surgery and often resume normal activities within a day or two. 

Ask your physician about Image Guided Sinus Surgery, another cutting edge outpatient service offered at Lourdes!

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