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Recent advances in technology now allow many surgical procedures that once required a hospital stay to be performed safely and conveniently using Lourdes Ambulatory Surgery Department. Here, Registered Nurses (RNs) prepare patients for surgical procedures and are committed to helping patients be a proactive participant in their healthcare experience. Ambulatory Surgery RNs obtain each patient's medical history, review their medications, and ensure that all necessary pre-operative testing was performed before day of surgery (see also Pre-Admission Testing). RNs also review all pre-surgical instructions with each patient and answer any questions the patient and their family members may have. 

One of two new Operating Rooms at Lourdes Hospital.We have 11 Surgical Suites, including two state-of-the-art Advanced Minimally Invasive Suites to accommodate da Vinci Robotic procedures. Highly trained surgeons, anesthesiologists and nursing staff provide every patient with safe, high quality, comprehensive healthcare in a dignified and compassionate environment. The Department of Anesthesia provides services for surgery, obstetrics, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Surgeons, anesthesiologists and Lourdes staff are available 24 hours/7 days a week to meet the emergent needs of patients.

Lourdes Ambulatory Surgery Department houses three minor procedure rooms to accommodate procedures not requiring anesthesia. 

Lourdes Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), or Recovery Room, is a short term critical care area providing nursing care for patients immediately following surgery. Lourdes PACU has 11 fully equipped bays. Specialty trained RNs provide continuous monitoring of blood pressure; heart rate and rhythm; oxygen saturation; and respiratory rate, as well as pain management. When a patient's vital signs are stable and have returned to their pre-operative levels and the patient's pain is under control, the patient is transferred from PACU to the assigned Ambulatory Surgery room (for outpatient procedures) or appropriate nursing floor (for inpatient procedures).  

For Family and Friends

The atrium is a comfortable place for loved ones to wait.

Family and friends can wait for patients in one of our spacious waiting areas including the atrium, our new main lobby, or one of our cafés-Café DePaul or Café Ozanam.

A paging system is available to family and friends to help provide updates regarding the patient's surgery.

Wireless Internet service is available throughout the hospital.

Spiritual Care Services are also available through our Spiritual Care Department

Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center

Our Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center is a surgical area specifically designed for cataract removal and laser treatment of skin, tattoos, etc. Here, the Surgical Team, including experienced Surgeons and specialty trained Registered Nurses, help patients enjoy the benefits of today's advanced cataract surgery.

GI Endoscopy Suite

Lourdes has a brand new, state-of-the-art GI Endoscopy Suite dedicated to exams of the colon and stomach.


A wide variety of surgical and diagnostic procedures can be performed at Lourdes including:

  • Arthroscopy - A visual examination of the joints of the body (e.g., shoulder, knee, etc.).
  • am_surgery1.JPGCataract Removal - See Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center.
  • Cystoscopy - A visual examination of the urinary tract and bladder.
  • Hysteroscopy - A visual examination of the uterus used to diagnose and treat uterine polyps and fibroids.
  • Laparoscopy - The most common form of minimally invasive surgery performed today. It is used successfully for removal of the gallbladder and appendix, ulcer surgery, hernia repairs, and lung biopsies. These techniques are predicted to be the first choice for most diagnostic and surgical procedures in the 21st century. Laparoscopy is also used to treat endometriosis and for performing hysterectomies.
  • Podiatry (Foot Surgery) - Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases of the human foot (e.g., bunions).
  • Sinus Endoscopy- A visual examination of the sinus cavity.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty - Offers a minimally invasive option for patients with chronic sinusitis which results in a faster recovery time.
  • Image Guided Sinus Surgery - The system uses a special computer that displays three-dimensional images of the patient's anatomy and the surgeon's instruments in "real time" while the ENT surgery is being performed.

For more information about Outpatient Surgery, please call 607-798-5321.

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