Parish Nurse Ministry

Parish Nurse Role

Integrator of Faith and Health:

Assists parishioners to achieve higher levels of wellness by improving both spiritual and physical health.

Health Educator:

Provides opportunities for the congregation to learn about health issues, individually, and in groups.

Health Counselor:

Discusses health concerns, emphasizing early response to small problems, and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.

Referral Advisor:

Provides referral to healthcare and social services within the community.

Health Advocate:

Speaks out to help members of the congregation or community obtain needed health-related services.

Developer of Support Groups:

Facilitates the development of support groups for the faith community and others served.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Recruits, prepares, and oversees congregational volunteers who help those in need.

Philosophy of Parish Nursing

  • Specialty practice and professional model of health ministry
  • Reclaims the historic roots of health and healing found in many faith traditions
  • Live out the early work of monks, nuns, deacons, deaconesses, church nurses, and traditional healers
  • Spiritual dimension is ESSENTIAL to parish nursing practice
  • All persons are sacred, must be treated with respect and dignity
  • Serves, advocates, assists, supports, coordinators, integrates, educates, councils, advises, and develops
  • Health is a dynamic process - embodies spiritual, psychological, physical, and social dimensions of a person
  • Focus of practice is the faith community and its ministries
  • Collaborates with clerical staff and congregants
  • Source of health and healing
  • Partners with other community health resources
  • Fosters new and creative responses to health and wellness concerns


Intentional integration of practice of faith with nursing practice So people may achieve wholeness in, with and through community of faith in which nurse serves.


  • Challenges the nursing profession to reclaim spiritual dimension of nursing care
  • Challenges the health care system to provide whole person care
  • Challenges the faith community to restore its healing mission

Strategic Vision

Access to a parish nurse ministry in every faith community

Beatitudes for the Parish Nurse
Blessed be the Parish Nurse for being caring,
Available and accessible to most faith communities,
Knowledgeable about community resources
and the process of referral, cost effective,
Has a high tolerance for ambiguity,
Has a generalist education and previous
employment that have resulted in a broad variety of skills,
Process oriented,
Has a generosity of spirit, both of time and talent,
Focuses on priorities,
A believer in God, clients, nursing, herself,
and in a better world here and hereafter!
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