Parish Nurse Ministry


In order to assist those beginning in this ministry and to support the health ministry practice, program requirements have been designed. Those who meet these requirements will receive a special recognition from the Lourdes Parish Nurse/Health Ministry office. Your pastors' and/or church leaders will also appreciate the expertise that you can bring to your ministry.

Our recommendation for receiving recognition from the Lourdes Parish Nurse/Health Ministry Program includes: 

  • Attendance of a three-hour orientation session - scheduled mutually for individuals and/or groups. Call the Parish Ministry office for site arrangements.
  • Attendance to six meetings yearly or equivalent time at one of our meetings, seminars, or retreats.

In addition, after your initial recognition, you will be eligible to renew your status:

  • Annually, with attendance at six of our monthly meetings per year
  • Bi-annually, with attendance at 10 meetings in two years

Orientation consists of informing parish nurses and health ministers of "start up" information, definitions, resources, guidelines, summaries, recognition requirements, covenants, development of mission statements and goals, and establishment of a coordinator and health cabinet. It is designed to provide a basic foundation for parish nurses and health ministers, and assist them to begin a program at their congregation.

Recognition tradition has been an annual event as part of our December Christmas Party. Dedication to whole person health promotion is recognized as a significant contribution to our community, and we are truly appreciative.

Lourdes Parish Nurse Ministry Expectations

Each faith community should have a covenant signed by their clergy, keep a copy in the church office, and return the original to Lourdes Parish Nurse office. A covenant is a commitment between Lourdes Hospital and the faith community, to extend health care into the faith community, to assist with parish nurse and health ministry programs and maintain active programs. It describes the consultation and access of Lourdes and the faith community. Quarterly and annual reports are to be returned to the Lourdes Parish Nurse office. An annual recognition and retreat/seminar will be provided. Access will be provided for all necessary documentation and updated materials.

New parish nurse coordinators will also be expected to complete a Parish Nurse Volunteer Application.

Establish a coordinator in each faith community.

Establish a health cabinet /committee of professional and lay persons in health ministry, to include parish nurses.

Every faith community should provide annual reports to office for statistical data.

Adhere to the American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines for blood pressure screenings.

To meet minimum recognition requirements: (December is the designated month for recognition and a holiday party.)

  • Attend three-hour orientation session, arranged for individuals or groups and Parish Nurse office.
  • Attend six meetings annually or 10 meetings bi-annually.

Monthly meetings will continue on the first Tuesday evening of the month at 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (site to be determined). Guest presenters from various Lourdes agencies and other health and human service agencies are invited to each meeting to share their expertise with the parish nurses and health ministers.

Keep Speaker's Bureau available to access health and human services professionals from Lourdes Hospital and the greater community. Speaker's Bureau is periodically updated by the Parish Nurse office.

Please do not hesitate to call the Lourdes Parish Nurse Ministry office at 607-321-2633  or email if you have a question or concern. The goal of the Parish Nurse Ministry office is to increase expectations and professional guidelines for the ministry of parish nursing and health ministry. We would be glad to meet with your faith community health committee, parish nurses, and clergy.

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