Nursing at Lourdes

Evidence-Based Practice/Nursing Research

Nurses at Lourdes are actively engaged in research.Evidence-based practice means integrating the best research evidence available with a nurse's expertise and patient/family preferences to care for patients and their families. At Lourdes, evidence-based nursing practice is consistent with the Stetler Model of Research Utilization as follows:

  • Critical thinking and knowledge-orientation rather than rule-orientation;
  • Using the best evidence available to validate, refute, or improve practices;
  • Using individual components of the research process;
  • Using the research process for quality improvement; or
  • Translating research into practice.

Nurses at Lourdes not only are actively engaged in research as Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators or Research Associates, they also disseminate their findings through peer-reviewed publications and poster or oral presentations at local, national and international professional meetings.

Learn more about our nursing research outcomes in our Nursing Annual Report.

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