Nursing at Lourdes

Outpatient Care

Outpatient Nursing at LourdesLourdes nurses provide holistic, relationship-based care in a variety of settings, including the Ambulatory Infusion Center, Ambulatory Surgery, Anticoagulation Clinic, Breast Care Center, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Center, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Department, GI Lab, Hospice, Lourdes At Home, Laser Treatment Center, Mission in Motion, Palliative Medicine, Perioperative Services, Primary Care Network, Radiation Oncology, Wound Care Program and Youth Services.

Several examples of nursing practice in these settings include:

Anticoagulation Clinic

Management of oral anticoagulation therapy by registered nurses offers improved management of patients, resulting in better regulation of dosage. This decreases complications, including reduction of unplanned hospitalizations and emergency department utilization. Health education provided in the clinic setting promotes improved patient adherence to a prescribed regimen and also enables patients to assume greater responsibility for self-care.

Ambulatory Infusion Center

Nurses in the Ambulatory Infusion Center administer intravenous antibiotics, other medications and blood transfusions; insert and remove a variety of IV devices; and program portable pumps.

Diagnostic Imaging

Nurses in Diagnostic Imaging collaborate with technologists, radiologists, and ancillary staff to provide high quality care to patients who undergo biopsies, angiograms, thrombolysis and other radiologic procedures. They are certified in ACLS and conscious sedation and maintain radiology unit- specific competencies. Nursing care includes, but is not limited to, assessment, monitoring, patient and family education and discharge teaching.

Lourdes Hospice

Nurses in Lourdes Hospice work collaboratively with all members of the care team to improve the quality of life for patients and their families "by providing physical comfort, pain management and emotional and spiritual support."

Lourdes At Home

Registered nurses are integral members of the health care team in the Lourdes At Home Certified Home Health Agency and the Long-Term Home health Care Program. Nurses were the driving force for implementation of an electronic medical record with laptops that are provided for all clinical staff. This technology enables the sharing of real-time information regarding patient care and physicians' orders.

Nurse Practitioners

Master's prepared nurse practitioners provide direct care to patients and families across the life span, in multiple outpatient settings that include the Diabetes Center, Mission in Motion, and the Primary Care Network. In addition, two doctorally-prepared nurse practitioners and one doctorally-prepared clinical nurse specialist provide screening and treatment services in the Breast Care Center and on the Mission in Motion Primary Care Van.

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