Nursing at Lourdes

Nursing Committees

Nurses at LourdesEach area where registered nurses practice is represented on nursing committees. Staff nurses have key leadership roles on these committees and are mentored by formal nursing leaders. A registered professional nurse chairs each nursing committee.

Nurse Executive Committee

The Nurse Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that safe, effective, quality patient care is delivered by a professional nursing staff.

Nursing Professional Practice Council

This committee oversees the work of all nursing committees and unit-based practice councils and is responsible for promoting collaboration, shared decision-making, and accountability for nursing practice through empowering nurses at all levels throughout Lourdes.

Nursing Quality Committee

This committee is responsible for monitoring patient and nursing satisfaction, quality issues (i.e., patient falls, medication errors resulting in patient harm, nursing care), nursing sensitive quality indicators, and nursing peer review of medical records.

Clinical Standards and Documentation Committee

This interdisciplinary committee is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of patient care are effectively and efficiently documented, consistent with standards of care and practice, and that patient education tools reflect evidence-based practice and are sensitive to the diverse needs of those we serve throughout the continuum of care.

Patient Care Services Policy and Procedure Committee

This interdisciplinary committee is responsible for ensuring that standards of care are consistent throughout all practice sites; and reviewing/revising policies, procedures and standards of care.

Professional Nurse Advancement & Recognition Program Committee

This committee supports professional nurses' growth, development, and recognition for their contributions and achievements. Areas recognized include transformational leadership, structural empowerment, exemplary professional practice, and new knowledge, innovations and improvements.

Nursing Education Committee

Members of the committee collaborate with nurse directors, clinical leaders, staff, and the Learning Services Department, to ensure that all levels of health care professionals have the knowledge and skills required to meet unit, hospital, and regulatory standards.

Medication Management Committee

This interdisciplinary committee is responsible for improving safety related to the use of medications, integrating information technology systems that support the safe and effective use of medications, and reducing medication errors by examining events from a system as well as individual perspective.

Magnet Committee

This committee supports professional nursing practice that promotes quality, identifies excellence in the delivery of nursing care to patients/families, and provides a mechanism for dissemination of best practice in nursing services.

Nursing Research Committee

This committee supports direct care nurses' assimilation of evidence-based practice and conduct of nursing research throughout the organization through facilitating an Annual Nursing Research Day, disseminating outcomes of nursing research, and mentoring nursing staff throughout the research process.

Patient Excellence Team

This committee is a collaborative of unit practice council chairs that share and analyze data and implement evidence-based practices and changes that ultimately affect all patient care areas, leading to improved patient, nursing and organizational outcomes.

Advanced Practice Nurses Council

This committee provides a forum for advanced practice nurses which promotes clinical and professional practice and nursing research; pro-active integration with medical staff, ensuring roles are defined and decision-making is shared; and education that supports identified needs for life-long learning.

Learn more about the achievements of our nursing committees in our Nursing Annual Report.

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