Lourdes InMotion Powered by Synergy Athletics


65 Pennsylvania Avenue, Binghamton, NY 13903

Lourdes InMotion is a fitness program like no other.  We've partnered with Synergy Athletics to bring you the expertise of their fitness trainers along with access to the network of Lourdes providers to support you with your other wellness needs.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, get stronger, or train for an athletic event, our InMotion Trainers will get to know your story and be there for you on your journey to your goals.


We will start you at your current fitness level and set your personalized fitness goals.  You will work with your trainer to reach those goals faster than you ever thought possible. If you’re ready for results, we’re ready for you.

  • We will create the program for your goals and take into account any injuries/ailments that you need to work with.
  • We will create the program to start at your current fitness level.
  • The classes will take place in a group setting, but you will work one-on-one with a trainer and get an individualized training program.  You will have the fun and camaraderie of those in your group, but you will have your own personalized plan. 

Education, communication, and lots of support will help you improve your health and fitness. At In Motion, we help unlock your potential to make the lifestyle changes you can’t make alone.

These one-to-one connections will help keep you motivated to reach your goals. Our program offers flexible hours for your convenience.

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