LifeLink Emergency Response


169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 607-798-5934

With Lourdes LifeLink, you get 24-hour emergency response service with the touch of a button - there's no need to dial a telephone.With Lourdes LifeLink, you get 24-hour emergency response service with the touch of a button.

Although originally designed for the elderly, LifeLink is ideal for someone with a physical handicap, a new mother, or family member of any age with a chronic medical condition.

LifeLink can bring help in any emergency situation: personal, home security, medical, or fire.

How does LifeLink Work?

LifeLink is simple and dependable. Whenever you need assistance, you press the button on the pendant. Wear the pendant on a wrist strap or attach it to clothing. The pendant signals the electronic unit connected to your telephone and automatically dials the LifeLink response center.

The LifeLink response center notifies those people whom you have chosen in advance to help you in an emergency. The "responders" can be your relatives, friends, or neighbors. If your responders cannot be reached, emergency service personnel will be notified immediately.

Will the LifeLink Response Know Who I Am?

When you enroll, the response center compiles a personal information file about you. This coded file is kept secure at the response center, and when we receive your signal, we know who you are, where you live, and what help you may need.

Should I Wear the Pendant At All Times?

Yes. Pendants are waterproof. You will be instructed as to what to do when you enroll. The pendant has a range of 200-300 feet from the telephone, so whether you're in the house, garage or yard, you can send a signal.

Will the Equipment Ever Need Repair?

At your convenience, the equipment will be tested monthly. A repair service is generally available within 24 hours.

How Do I Enroll?

Simply call the Lourdes Social Work Department at 607-798-5934 to enroll in the LifeLink Home Emergency Response Service.

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