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Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center

Lasers have been used in health care for many years. Since 1988, Lourdes Hospital has been using this innovative technology for many types of surgery: general, eye, plastic, oral, podiatry, dermatology, gynecology, and ear, nose, & throat. The future promises to bring additional applications and innovations to the medical laser field.

What is a Laser?

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation. A laser is a tool which emits a specific color and intensity of light. This concentrated light can be used as a surgical instrument. The color and intensity of the light beam determines its effectiveness for a specific medical treatment. Lasers receive their color, and are named for, the materials used to produce the light (e.g., Argon, Krypton, Ruby, and Carbon Dioxide).

How Does a Laser Work?

Lasers heat the body tissue being treated. A doctor uses a laser the same way a scalpel would be used to cut tissue. The light is so concentrated and precisely directed that the surrounding tissue is not affected.

What are the Advantages of Using a Laser?

Lasers allow doctors to make small incisions. Many patients experience less bleeding, less pain, less chance of infection, and have a shorter recovery time when a laser is used. Though lasers are state-of-the-art tools, they do not guarantee the treatment will be easier or faster. Your doctor, a skilled professional who knows your health care needs, is the best person to advise you whether or not your treatment should include laser services.

Are Lasers Safe?

Yes. The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets guidelines for the safe operation of medical lasers. Lourdes Hospital follows these guidelines strictly. Laser light is very powerful and you will be given protective eyewear if the choice of laser treatment requires it. There is no x-ray radiation present in the laser beam, which means it can be used during pregnancy without harm to the baby.

What are the Quality Guidelines?

In addition to federal guidelines, Lourdes Hospital studied guidelines from major laser care centers across the country. With this information, Lourdes established strict standards for laser safety and training. The laser team consists of specially trained nurses, technicians, and doctors. They are continuously improving their knowledge and skills by attending progressive, specialized institutes throughout the country. Lourdes, a regional leader in laser assisted surgeries and treatments, has introduced many laser procedures to the area.

Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment CenterLourdes Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center has been designed with you in mind. Lasers for use in skin and eye treatments are located in a comfortable hospital setting located on the main floor inside the Atrium. Convenient parking is available in Lot G.

  • Use the West Drive to enter the Lourdes Hospital campus (located at the traffic light at Riverside Drive and Kneeland Avenue). 
  • Proceed down the West Drive to the second stop sign. The Ambulatory Care Center and the new Main Entrance to the Hospital will be on your left. 
  • Turn right to park in Lot G. 
  • Enter through the new Main Entrance. 
  • Pass the reception desk then turn left to enter the main hospital.
  • Proceed down the hallway to elevators 1 & 2. 
  • Take elevators 1 & 2 to the main floor. 
  • As you get off the elevator, there is a hallway to the immediate right; follow this hallway to the Atrium located on your left.
  • Check in at the information desk just inside the Atrium.
  • After you check in you will be directed to the Laser Treatment Center. (Take a left out of the Atrium then the Laser Treatment Center is the first door on the left.)

    If you have any special needs (e.g., wheelchair) or any questions, please do not hesitate to call:

    Preadmission Testing at 607-798-5791 or

    Ambulatory Surgery at 607-798-5321.

For general inquiries, call Lourdes Ophthalmology Surgery / Laser Treatment Center at 607-798-5991.


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