Joint Academy

Before Surgery

By beginning to prepare you for recovery before your surgery, Joint Academy builds up your strength before you're admitted to the hospital.

Your tutor will help you with your exercises and learn the same things you learn so they will be able to assist you after you've been discharged.We encourage you to have a significant other, friend, son, daughter, etc. to participate as your "tutor" in the process. Your tutor will help you with your exercises and learn the same things you learn so they will be able to assist you after you've been discharged.  They are encouraged to attend group therapy with you to assist you with your exercises. This individual will be experiencing everything you will be (with the exception of the actual surgery) - they can be used as a significant resource for you after you have been discharged.  Once you have had your surgery, this individual will be allowed to stay in the room with you, if you choose.  

If you don't have a tutor - don't worry - we will have one of our Joint Academy alumni volunteer to be your coach or we will just make sure that our staff pays extra attention to you.

  • First, you will visit with a physical therapist 4 - 6 weeks before your surgery. At this time, we evaluate your affected joint and assess your overall functional mobility (ability to get up and down from a chair, from bed, your ability to ambulate with or without an assistive device along with your upper extremity strength.) Doing this assessment weeks in advance allows us to better prepare you for your surgery.
  • You will be given a customized home exercise program designed to make your recovery easier.
  • Three weeks before your surgery you will attend the pre-admission teaching class where you will meet others who will be going through the same surgery.Three weeks before your surgery you will be scheduled to attend the pre-admission teaching and testing class.  You will learn in detail the specifics of the surgery and what to expect during and after your surgery. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and you will start to meet those who will be caring for you after your surgery (nurses and therapists). The class and the group exercise room are all located on the same unit you will be on after your surgery.  Your tutor is encouraged to attend this class with you.
  • The staff will work with you as a team the entire time - caring for you and offering suggestions, recommendations, advice, encouragement, and guidance to insure that the outcome of your surgery will be the best. All of this work pre-surgery will pay off once you have had the surgery. The better shape you are in prior to surgery the easier your recovery will be after surgery.  Our experience is that a patient who is more knowledgeable about their surgery and who is better prepared physically has a quicker recovery time than those who are not.

To learn more about the Lourdes Joint Academy, please call 607-321-2748.

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