Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Ultrasound

An ultrasound exam is also called a sonogram.  There are several different types of exams that can be done using ultrasound.  It is used to examine various organs in your body (bone and bowel being the exception).  Soft tissue and some blood vessels can also be seen.

The most well known use of ultrasound is for pregnancies.  Families are welcome in the scanning area after the sonographer has taken the necessary pictures and measurements of the baby.  If possible, a Polaroid photo of the baby will be provided at the end of the ultrasound exam.


  • Each type of study requires different preparations, for example, fasting, non-fasting, or filling your urinary bladder. Your physician's office will give you the necessary prep for your specific study.
  • If someone accompanies you, there is a waiting room for visitors in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.
  • If you are pre-registered for your exam, please report directly to the Diagnostic Imaging Department, located on the main floor of the hospital, at your scheduled time.
  • If you are not pre-registered, please report to Registration, on the ground floor of the Ambulatory Care Center, 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • If you have questions or are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, call Central Scheduling at 607-798-5723.

What To Expect

An ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves.The examination is done using high frequency sound waves, like sonar used on ships.  You cannot hear or feel these sound waves. There is no x-ray radiation involved.

The sonographer will first apply a gel-like substance on your skin over the area to be examined.  For this reason, you may be asked to wear a hospital gown.

While scanning, the sonographer uses a probe called a transducer. This piece of equipment is hand held and is guided over the area to be examined. The gelatin substance helps keep contact between the skin and the transducer. This procedure is usually painless.

Getting the Results

After your examination is completed, the radiologist will give a report to your physician. Contact your physician to discuss the results.

Where to go.

For information on where to go when you arrive for your appointment, visit our Where to Go page.

For additional information about Diagnostic Imaging services at Lourdes, call 607-798-5225.

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