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Scholarships Offered for Camp Nejeda Diabetes Camp

Camp Nejeda is a summer camp in Stillwater, NJ for young people with diabetes. They are given the opportunity to live, if only for one or two weeks, in a world where having diabetes is the norm; where there is no need to explain blood sugar testing, finger pricks, insulin injections or 'carb' counting because everyone there already understands. At Camp Nejeda children with diabetes are free to be just children. The camp atmosphere is combined with both formal and informal education to promote good diabetes management and healthy, active living.

Each of Camp Nejeda's camp programs are designed to offer campers a fun, age-appropriate camping experience while encouraging a positive attitude about living with diabetes. Campers receive a unique, hands-on opportunities to enhance their personal diabetes management skills, build their confidence and self-esteem, and move towards becoming independent in their own care.

For more information about Camp Nejeda call 973-383-2611 or visit the Camp Nejeda website at

Scholarships to Camp Nejeda Offered!

Each year, the Lourdes Diabetes Center, in cooperation with the Wendy Lee Klenotiz Scholarship Fund and the Diabetes Association of the Southern Tier of New York State, offer scholarships to area children from in and around the Greater Binghamton area to Camp Nejeda. The scholarships will be offered for the following sessions:

  • July 6 - July 19 for ages 12-15
  • July 20 - August 1 for ages 8-12
  • August 3 - August 15 for ages 13-16

The scholarship covers the entire camp fee.  The scholarship does not include transportation to or from Camp Nejeda, which is located approximately 2 1/2 hours from Binghamton. The camp also requires that a parent or guardian accompany the camper the first day of camp and pick up the camper the last day of camp.

To be considered for the scholarship, the child must complete an application form and an essay between 100-300 words telling why he or she would like to attend Camp Nejeda, how attending the camp would be beneficial, what he or she expects to learn at camp and how the child's entire family plans to use this experience in the community. 

To receive an application, or for more information, call the Lourdes Diabetes Center at 607-772-6269 or Download an Application.  The application must be completed and returned no later than May 28, 2014.

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