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Sports Medicine Program


169 Riverside Drive, Binghamton, NY 13905
Phone: 607-798-5255

The Lourdes Sports Medicine program provides high quality, comprehensive care to athletes and active individuals of any age. We also treat those who are physically active in their job and in activities at home. We specialize in injury prevention and treatment, physical conditioning and education for everyone from the weekend warrior to the competitive collegiate athlete to the active laborer.

If you are experiencing an acute injury call 607-723-5393 or 607-798-9356 for an appointment.

As with any successful team, our services are based on good communication with the providers in our program.  This is crucial to ensure our patients are receiving the best coordinated care. Our team of physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists all work very closely together.

Our expert team of trained professionals offers a wide variety of personalized services including:

Contact our Lead Athletic Trainer at 607-798-6130 for more information.

Pre-Participation Physicals

Our staff can provide pre-participation physicals and evaluations required for the high school and collegiate athlete.

Musculoskeletal Screening

Pre-season musculoskeletal screening for early identification of potential areas of concern before they become problematic.

Injury Evaluation and Treatment

The goal of this program is to return the patient to an active lifestyle as soon as possible, with a minimal risk for future injury. We treat a wide variety of overuse and traumatic injuries and conditions and provide a customized rehabilitation process to provide safe and effective treatment. This includes sports injury prevention programs to help the athlete stay healthy and minimize re-injury. 

Physical Therapy

Our highly skilled, caring staff of Therapists work with our patients at multiple sites to develop a personalized program for rehabilitation from a wide range of injuries. Rehabilitation is vital to restore function, build strength, improve lifestyle and get you active as soon as possible.

Orthopedic Services

We work with a team of Orthopedic surgeons with training on a wide variety of athletic injuries.

Nutritional Services

Our registered dietitians provide current medical and scientific nutrition information as well as counseling strategies to help athletes and active individuals meet their goals.  (Anorexia/bulimia, diabetes management, weight management)

Concussion Awareness and Management

Concussions are a form of traumatic brain injury that are not usually life-threatening but can be very serious. They can be caused by a bump or blow to the head or body causing the brain to move back and forth in the skull.  This movement can change how the brain usually functions. Concussion signs and symptoms can show up right after the injury, but sometimes do not appear until hours or even days afterwards.

Our staff can evaluate and provide follow up care for patients who have experienced head injuries.

Athletic Training for Individuals and Teams

Lourdes Sports Medicine program can provide your team with a Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) who can:

  • Evaluate and treat injuries
  • Implement rehabilitation techniques
  • Perform athletic conditioning: in-season, off-season, and preseason
  • Care for sick athletes and educate after injury
  • Refer to other health care providers when needed
  • Provide game coverage - administer emergent care and pregame preparation
  • Provide education and training on how to create healthy athletes and prevent injuries.

Our trainers can provide support to high school, college and club teams, as well as organizations on a daily need or by contractual need, adapting and changing programs in accordance with the team’s and athletes’ needs.


We can offer customized education programs for individuals or teams from runners to rugby players that can include the importance of proper form, nutritional requirements, injury prevention, concussion awareness and more.

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