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JointAcademyLogo.gifThe Lourdes Joint Academy is the most comprehensive and effective total joint program in the area. Being a patient at our Joint Academy is all about the experience and your outcome. From our extensive pre-operative education and exercise, to your surgery and subsequent hospital stay, and finally your post discharge care - we will coordinate the entire experience for you, insuring you the quickest and safest return to normal activities.

Our patients are asked to share their experience with a relative or a friend (a tutor) to assist them with the educational and recovery process. Our patients are treated as if they are well individuals, not as if they are sick, with expectations set accordingly. As a result of our well coordinated and proactive approach to joint replacement surgery most of our patients are able to return home within a few days of surgery.

We feature a dedicated staff on a specially-designated unit who care for our joint replacement surgery patients.

The results of the Joint Academy are amazing! Most joint replacement patients are discharged to home within a few days-because of their rapid recovery.

Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval  Blue Distinction Award 

Healthgrades Top 100

Make the Most of Your Joint Replacement Surgery

Lourdes is partnering with the Broome County YMCA to get you in the best possible shape before your surgery and keep you fit and active after your surgery for your continued well-being. 

Studies have shown that improving your fitness and muscle strength before joint replacement surgery will improve the outcome of the surgery and shorten your recovery time. There are a variety of exercise programs offered at the YMCA including the Rusty Hinges water exercise class and the Joints in Motion seated exercise class to help you prepare for your surgery.

When you visit the YMCA before surgery, a Lourdes Athletic Trainer will meet with you and create an exercise program designed specifically for your needs.  After your surgery, the Athletic Trainer will work with your physician and physical therapist to create a program to support your therapy and recovery, speeding up  your journey to full function and wellness.

When you join the YMCA as part of the Lourdes Joint Academy Program, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of a YMCA membership such as unlimited access to land and water exercise classes, the use of both Binghamton and Johnson City branches, discounts on programs and unlimited support, as well as:

  • $50 joiner fee will be waived
  • Free 2 month extension while you are having your surgery and recovering
  • Free pre and post-surgery consultations with the Lourdes Athletic Trainer
  • Free Wellness Center Orientation with a Joint Academy Instructor

Visit for more information on classes and membership.

Follow Jim Guiton's journey with the Lourdes Joint Academy and the YMCA before hip surgery through his post-op therapy.

To learn more about the Lourdes Joint Academy, please call 607-321-2748.

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