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Your Breast Care Center Team
Come experience what it means to be fully cared for.

Breast cancer can be a complex disease and so we have brought together professionals from multiple specialties for the common purpose of ensuring that you receive the earliest detection, the best way to minimize your personal risk, and the most effective treatment.  We value your continued breast health and recognize that trust relationships are based on careful listening, full disclosure, and mutual respect.  Our goal is for you to feel safe and protected, to experience being fully cared for, and to be actively involved in shaping your future.

Specialists from our multidisciplinary team share their expertise with each other.  Our community partners are instrumental in connecting you with vital resources and information.  Multidisciplinary care is the gold standard resulting in the highest quality of care and the best outcomes.  NAPBC accreditation of the Lourdes Breast Care Center recognizes our successful collaborative relationships with our patients and families.  More than 97% of our patients state that they would recommend the Lourdes Breast Care Center to their family and friends.

We have a rich history of serving our community.  Since 1993 we have provided community-based cancer care, which means you can stay in the comfort of your home and community while receiving care.


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