Weight Loss Procedures

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Restrictive Surgery)

sleeve-gastrectomyThe sleeve gastrectomy causes weight loss by limiting the amount of food that can be consumed. Approximately two-thirds of the stomach is surgically removed.  This leaves a tube-shaped stomach that does not distend, or stretch.  The result is an early sensation of fullness, with a reduction in the number of calories consumed. The sleeve gastrectomy is a "restrictive" surgery.  With the sleeve, there are no invasive adjustments as there are with the band.  However, there is a possibility of some reduction in digestive secretions (enzymes) with the sleeve, making it necessary to take vitamin/mineral supplements.


There are risks with any surgery and weight loss surgery is no exception. Your surgeon will review all the complications of weight loss surgery in detail with you before your operation. Although most surgeries have no complications, our staff of experienced medical professionals is available to respond to any complications that may arise.

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