Weight Loss Surgery Program at Lourdes

Insurance Coverage


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Insurance coverage differs based on the type of insurance plan you have and the insurance company.  Some insurers fully cover weight loss surgery, some have certain restrictions, and others do not cover the surgery at all.

To determine if your insurance company covers weight loss surgery, please call the insurance company directly.  The telephone number is usually listed on the back of your identification card.  When you speak with a representative, be sure to specify with surgery you would like to have (adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass, or sleeve gastrectomy).

Some insurance plans require a referral  for all visits with the surgeon and other specialists.  Be sure to contact your insurance company in advance for these referrals unless your insurance does not require them. 

To receive final insurance approval for weight loss surgery, you must submit a letter of necessity to the insurance company.  After you complete all of the program requirements, the surgeon's office will prepare and submit this letter for you.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will deny patients for weight loss surgery.  If you insurance company denies your surgery, contact your surgeon's office immediately.  We will help you submit your appeal. 

Most insurance companies consider the sleeve gastrectomy an "experimental" procedure and therefore will not readily authorize the procedure.  However, if your surgeon feels this is an appropriate surgery for you, we will assist you and try to get it approved by your insurance company.

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