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Eligibility Requirements


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Deciding to have weight loss surgery can be very difficult. The most important step in deciding whether to have weight loss surgery is getting all of the information you need about the different surgical options so that you can make an informed decision. Our team of dedicated surgeons, physicians, physician assistants, psychologists, and dietitians understand that weight loss surgery is a very serious decision and we will help you obtain all of the information you need

The surgeon will review your medical history and help you to determine if you are a candidate for weight loss surgery at Lourdes. Take a moment to review some of the criteria that must be met before weight loss surgery can take place:

  1. You must have a BMI of 40 or above OR you must have a BMI of 35 or above, along with obesity-related medical problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or sleep apnea.
  2. You must be able to demonstrate that you have been unable to lose weight with long-term non-surgical approaches.
  3. You must be well informed about the surgical procedure.
  4. You must be aware of the possibility of serious complications.
  5. You must be aware of how your eating habits and lifestyle will change permanently after weight loss surgery.
  6. You must attend all required appointments with the nutritionist, psychologist, surgeon, physician's assistant, and all other recommended health care providers.
  7. You must attend monthly support group meetings.
  8. You must demonstrate commitment to weight loss, dietary and lifestyle change, health improvement and lifelong medical follow-up.

REMEMBER!  There are no guarantees for any weight loss method, including surgery. Success is possible only with maximum cooperation and commitment to behavioral change and medical follow up. This cooperation and commitment must be carried out for the rest of your life.

Reduce Your Risks

In addition to the eligibility requirements listed above, there are several other factors to consider before weight loss surgery, factors that can reduce your risk of surgical complication. To reduce your risks:

  • Quit Smoking
    This will be required three months before your surgery can take place.
  • Exercise
    The stronger the heart and lungs, the better your body will tolerate surgery.
  • Develop Good Eating Habits
    Start practicing good eating habits that will be necessary after surgery, including chewing well, eating slowly, sipping plenty of fluids, taking vitamins, reading food labels, and preparing weekly menus of healthy low sugar, low fat foods.
  • Move Around
    Get up and walk as soon as possible after surgery. The more you walk the better! Walking reduces the risk of blood clots and improves lung function.
  • Find a Support Group
    A minimum of three support groups is required. Some insurance companies require more preoperatively.

Screening Process

As a patient interested in weight loss surgery, you will have to complete an in-depth screening process which includes:

  • An education seminar
  • A nutritional assessment with a nutritionist 
  • A physical exam and medical histrory with either the surgeon or the physician assistant.
  • A follow-up visit with a nutritionist 
  • A meeting with a psychologist and a primary care provider.
    People with certain medical conditions may be required to see additional medical providers to confirm their appropriateness for weight loss surgery. 
  • A sleep apnea evaluation. The evaluation will determine whether or not you need a sleep study and possible treatment. 

Once all of this is completed, you will meet with the surgeon to get final approval for scheduling your surgery. You are required to attend a minimum of three support group meetings during the preoperative phase. 

Failure to meeting eligibility requirements and all phases of the screening process will prevent you from being scheduled for a surgery.

Additionally, if you are scheduled to receive a surgey and do not follow all plan guidelines as provided by your surgeon, your surgery will be cancelled.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 607-352-3550.

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