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Lourdes Re-Lamping Project

A recent lighting upgrade project was completed at Lourdes Hospital to support many initiatives important to the Facilities and Environmental Stewardship Departments. The goals of the project were fairly simple: reduce electricity usage, decrease the hospital's carbon footprint, be environmentally responsible and improve the functionality of Facilities Management processes - all on a limited budget.

Representatives from Grainger Lighting Services worked with the Director of Facilities and Dr. Juliet Berling, Director of Green Initiatives, in the planning and execution of the project.

The lighting project consisted of a combination of upgrades to existing fixtures, installation of lighting controls where appropriate and replacement of obsolete or inefficient fixtures.

The light bulb count at the hospital was reduced by over 700 bulbs. This was accomplished by retrofitting four-bulb fixtures with two-bulb fixtures, which also reduces the time and effort needed by the Facilities Management Department to replace bulbs in the future. Old technology T-12 bulbs and magnetic ballasts were replaced with efficient T-8 bulbs and electronic ballasts. Where appropriate, motion controls were installed to help further reduce electricity usage and extend the life of bulbs.

This project will result in a reduction of electricity usage by 450,000 kilowatt hours per year, which adds up to approximately $33,000 annually. Over a ten-year period, the reduction in electricity usage will eliminate the burning of 3,290,000 pounds of coal and will also reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions by 6,800,000 pounds and 24,416 pounds respectively.

The project was also a Zero Waste project. Working closely with the Environmental Stewardship Department, Grainger associates coordinated with Lourdes' recycling partners to ensure that 100% of the materials removed from the facility, including product packaging, were recycled, where feasible.

Nearly 50% of the costs associated with the project were paid for through incentives from the NYSEG Energy Efficiency Program. Multiple New York State Energy Initiatives were investigated to ensure that Lourdes received the most generous incentives available. Return on investment is 21 months, recouped from the savings in electricity costs alone.

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